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September 2021 Dates for Social Media

We’re heading into an exciting (and busy!) time with the start of September! While you should probably be planning for Christmas, don’t forget that there’s still plenty of great just-for-fun and awareness days that can be shouted about and supported this month too, many of which are historically trending topics. Here are just some of those social media days for September that you may want to include in your content calendar this month and ideas for your business.

September 2021 Social Media Days

4th – World Beard Day – Here’s to all the epic beads out there on World Beard Day! There are many ways to celebrate World Beard Day according to the official website, but whatever you do, don’t choose today to shave – it’s considered disrespectful!

5th – International Day of Charity – This day is to promote social responsibility and awareness to charitable actions we can take. If your brand aligns closely with a charity, take the opportunity to bring awareness to the great things your charity is doing and explain why its important to your business.

6th – Rosh Hashanah – Today marks the start of the Jewish New Year. It’s a reflective time, looking back on the past year and the important things achieved in that time while looking to the next 12 months. Wishing all who observe this special holiday an amazing two days of celebration!

8th – Star Trek Day – Fifty-five years ago on this day, Star Trek made its television debut. Since then, generations have enjoyed the sci-fi series and movies. This year, Trekkies around the world can watch live panels with their favourite Star Trek stars on the official website. Also on this day, for every tweet using the hashtag #StarTrekUnitedGives, $1 will be donated to charities who promote equality, social justice, and the arts and innovation. Get tweeting!

9th – NFL season starts – This is for all you American football fans! The season starts with the Cowboys facing the current champions the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the evening of the 9th (or super early in morning of the 10th for you UK fans!) Will Tom Brady be able to do it yet again with the Bucs this season?!

9th – Teddy Bear Day – A special day just for our precious teddy bears! Teddy bears, named after President Theodore Roosevelt, have been a much loved toy for kid since the early 1900s. Did you have a favourite teddy bear growing up? Maybe you still have that special bear?

10th – World Suicide Prevention Day – Today organisations and individuals from around the world will come together to bring awareness to suicide prevention and mental health in general. Ways you can help the big campaign on the day can be found here, but know that just a simple small talk can make a big difference. We are always happy to lend an ear here at DFHQ. Whether it’s about whatever is bothering you or just for some company and a chat about anything else, we’re here. Just find our contact info and get in touch.

12th – Video Games Day – There are videos games for everyone nowadays, and today celebrates them all – from the early Pong and Atari platforms to the PS5, Xbox and even games played on our phone. Are you a gamer? What is the earliest video game you can remember playing (if you care to admit it!)

17th – Tradesmen Day – This day is dedicated to honour the hard work and skills of tradesmen and women and recognising all they do to keep our everyday lives running. Take a moment to appreciate all that goes into the space around you even and thank a tradesperson today!

17th – International Country Music Day – Do you love country music? If so, this day is for you! And if not, then now is a great chance to discover the genre and all the emotion that goes into it. So, put on some great country music (we recommend the legend that is Dolly Parton if you need some inspiration!) and enjoy the stories that come with many of the songs. Do you have a favourite country song or artist?

19th – International Talk Like a Pirate Day – Never underestimated the power of International Talk Like a Pirate Day! This just-for-fun day has been going since 1995, and many organisations have gotten in on the fun, including Facebook who released a Pirate language as a language choice on their platform on this day. You can mark the day by sharing your favourite pirate joke!

21st – World Alzheimer’s Day – Observed on 21st September every year, World Alzheimer’s Day looks to raise conversations about dementia and how we can work together to create a more dementia-friendly community. One simple action you can take to do just that is to become a Dementia Friend and create a dementia-friendly space if you have a bricks & mortar premises. It’s also World Alzheimer’s Month.

22nd – First Day of Autumn – Welcome autumn! We’re looking forward to falling leaves, sweater weather and pumpkin spice everything here at DFHQ! What do you love the most about the autumn?

22nd – Businesswomen’s Day – Here’s to all the women who are out there smashing it in the business world! This day is to recognise all the amazing achievements of businesswomen everywhere, although the day was originally founded by the American Business Women’s Association in 1949. Give a shout out to an inspirational business woman you know.

22nd – World Car Free Day – Could you give up the car for a day? On World Car Free Day, not only is it encouraged to leave the car at home and go a bit greener, but it’s also to promote personal health and wellbeing. Some areas have hosted events around this day to show residents the positive effect it can have on an area with less cars about.

29th – World Heart Day – On World Heart Day, the aim is to being awareness to cardiovascular disease and how we can “take charge of our heart health”. The World Heart Federation has several resources on their website to help businesses mark the day and help spread awareness.

30th – International Podcast Day – Today is a celebration of the podcast, a simple yet effective and powerful medium that has captivated, informed and inspired audiences since 2004. Do you have your own podcast or listen regularly a favourite? We’d love to hear about them! One of ours is Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner.

Start the Busy Season Off Right with a New Strategy

If you’ve not reviewed your social media strategy for the busy season that’s to come, now’s the time to do it. Don’t let your social media marketing planning take a back seat this September and instead, start the season off right by working a little bit on your strategy now to save you a lot of time later.

Not sure where to start? A power hour with us can help you create a strategy and give you advice on the latest best practices to take advantage of when it comes to connecting with your audience, or let’s work together more closely on creating fun content, brainstorming creative ideas and implementing them. Contact us to arrange a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about your business and discuss how we can work on your social media marketing goals.


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