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Why You Need to Plan Your Christmas Campaigns Now

We’re about to head into the “BER” months which means one thing – Christmas is coming! There’s no hiding from it, especially if you’re running your own business.

It’s an incredibly busy time, with not just Christmas to think about. There are lots of key holidays businesses can take part in to get in front of their audience, but planning for them now will go a long way later.

Here’s why you need to start your Christmas campaign strategies now as a small business.

You’ll plan better, more effective campaigns

Taking time now while you have it means you have a greater opportunity to really give your social media marketing for the holidays more thought and create a more fun, creative, festive and meaningful campaign that connects with your audience much more so than you would by going into the holiday season without a marketing plan.

You won’t be worrying about what to post each day

Is this you?: You find yourself realising you haven’t posted on social media yet that day, so you scramble to post something – anything – just to show up. But doing this often means our posts are not always well thought out and it’s posted at a time that’s just not great for your audience. You’ll also end up spending more time trying to think of what to post on the day than you would if you planned your whole campaign in advance!

You can spend more time doing what you do best

It’s already a very busy time for many businesses. There’s the creating, packing, shipping, maybe even running a bricks & mortar shop and serving customers in person, admin and more. Doing the planning now means you won’t have to spend so much time on it when you’re already at your busiest.

People are shopping sooner and with more thought

Trends have shown that consumers are making purchases earlier in the year, and especially due to the pandemic, they’re making them with more thought rather than mindless wandering through the shops and buying. By planning for Christmas now and starting your campaigns a little bit earlier, you can get in front of those who are already looking for that perfect present.

After last year’s limitations too, there are a lot of people making plans to make up for last Christmas, so service-based businesses will also benefit from showing up earlier.

Because you deserve a peaceful Christmas, too!

You deserve to enjoy the season as much as anyone, especially after the last nearly two years! So start your strategy for this very busy time now so you can also make the very most of the season!

Not sure where to begin? Take part in our 5-day Christmas challenge (starting again soon!), or get 1-to-1 bespoke guidance with Digital Flamingo that will help take out some of the overwhelm that comes with Christmas planning! Simply get in touch for a chat to see how we can work together to bring the festive fun to your audience.


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