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Key Dates for Social Media - November 2020

November is a beautiful time of year, and despite the world being a little bit weird this year, there is still so much to be celebrating this month! Get your calendars out and get marking down some of these social media holidays in November that are most relevant to your business and audience.

Social Media Holidays for November 2020

1st – World Vegan Day – A day to celebrate all things vegan, how far the movement has come and all its benefits. There are many ways to celebrate this day, like sharing your favourite vegan recipe or shouting about your vegan products. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WorldVeganDay! It’s also World Vegan Month.

1st – National Author’s Day – Here’s a day for all of our favourite authors! Who is your favourite author and why? If you are an author yourself, why not share a little insight into what it’s like and what inspires you?

3rd – US Presidential Election – It’s going to be a big one, folks. Expect this it take over social media, whether you’re based in the US or not!

4th – Stress Awareness Day – Stress is something we all experience at some point, but it can also easily take over our lives if not managed well. Today is a good day to recognise our stresses and determine how we can best manage them in a healthy way. Share some of your own stress management tips as someone in your industry and ask others to do the same.

5th – Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Day – There may not be very many bonfires happening this year, but it’s still good to “remember, remember the 5th of November”.

6th – Nachos Day – Who doesn’t love nachos?! They’re the perfect snack that can be made a number of ways to suit all different tastes! What toppings make the perfect nachos for you?

8th – Remembrance Sunday – Remembrance Sunday in the UK is to remember the British and Commonwealth servicemen and women from the First World War, Second World War and later conflicts. At 11am, people and places will fall silent to honour those involved and their contribution for two minutes.

8th – Tongue Twister Day – Here’s a bit of a fun day to get involved with! Challenge your audience to get through a couple of your favourite tongue twisters.

11th – Veteran’s Day (US) – Like Remembrance Sunday in the UK, today is a day to honour those who have served in the Armed Forces in the US.

13th – World Kindness Day – World Kindness Day is a day to pledge an act of kindness as a business or individual to help make the world a better place. Of course, everyday should be World Kindness Day, but today is a reminder that “No act of kindness, however small, is wasted”. We all know the world needs a bit more extra kindness this year too!

13th – Friday the 13th – Friday the 13th rolls around again this month! But don’t let the day get to you too much, because it’s also World Kindness Day as mentioned above!

14th – World Diabetes Day – Today looks at how far we have come in the fight against diabetes, but there is still a long way to go. Did you know that 1 in 5 of us is living with diabetes? Learn more here about the risks of developing diabetes and the work that’s being done in finding a cure.

19th – International Men’s Day – International Men’s Day has been celebrated since 1992 and looks to bring awareness to men’s issues, such as health and wellbeing. This includes cancer, suicide and more. It coincides with Movember.

21st – World Television Day – If you wanted an excuse to binge on that boxset and appreciate the entertainment the television gives us, here it is! Television has come a long way and has no doubt played a vital role in shaping the world. The way we consume television has changed drastically too, but it is still an important source of entertainment and news. What are some of your favourite programs and why? What are some of the shows you grew up watching?

21st – World Hello Day – A simple hello can lead to many wonderful things!

26th – Thanksgiving – This major US holiday marks the annual day of gathering with friends and family and giving thanks. Although it may be a bit different this year, there are still celebrations to be had and things to be thankful for. What or who are you thankful for, even in 2020?

26th – National Cake Day – If you’re not in America, there’s still something to celebrate on this day – Cake day!!

27th – Black Friday – Love it or hate it, Black Friday is coming! Today is a day where consumers will actively be looking for deals on what is known as the biggest shopping day of the year. Even the smallest of deals is still a deal to be had. Plan those promotions now if you haven’t already. (Haven’t planned your strategy for these key shopping times? Don’t delay any further – get in touch with us today to see how we can help!)

28th – Small Business Saturday (US) – Check out what your local, independent shops are offering and support local! Not only will you find some amazing buys and unique gifts, but you will also be supporting small businesses who need your help more then ever this year. (Small Business Saturday in the UK is on 5th December).

30th – Cyber Monday – Cyber Monday is a day where deals go digital. Although most sales are to be had online now, Cyber Monday is an extension of the busy shopping weekend where many shoppers will be looking for extra savings.

November is also Movember – a movement where men around the world grow out their beards to bring awareness to men’s health issues and fundraise for the organisations that support them. Learn more about how to support the initiative here.

Supercharge Your Strategy This November

November is a very busy time of year for many businesses and it is easy to feel overwhelmed with planning, if you have not done so already! If you’re needing help getting that strategy ready for this crazy time of year, then get in touch as soon as possible! We’re here to supercharge your strategy for these times, leaving you with more time and less stress. Let’s see how we can work together in making this an enjoyable time for your business!


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