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July 2021 Dates for Social Media

Woohoo! It’s summertime! And if that wasn’t enough to celebrate, there are plenty of other fun and exciting just-for-fun and awareness days for social media this July. Check out just some of these dates and ideas and include ones that resonate with your audience and industry in your social media planning for July.

(Oh, and be prepared for a lot of food-based days this month, and of course, there’s only one proper way to celebrate them. We love it!)

Key Dates for Social Media – July 2021

1st - International Joke Day – “What is a marketer’s favourite drink? Brand-y.” Have a bit of fun today and share a great joke, no matter how cheesy it may be. Even better if it’s related to what you do! Invite your audience to share their faves too.

4th - American Independence Day – Happy 4th of July! It’s also Barbecue Day, so even if you’re not American and celebrating Independence Day, there’s still a great excuse to break out the barbecue on what will hopefully be a nice day!

7th - World Chocolate Day – Chocolate lovers, rejoice! This day is for you! The day is said to originate from when chocolate was introduced to Europe in 1550, but whatever the reason behind the day, it’s only proper to celebrate with a bit of your favourite chocolate bar. What kind of chocolate do you like to indulge in the most?

15th - Get to Know Your Customers Day – When was the last time you have taken time to get to know your customers? Ask questions, see what they like, what they don’t like, what they value and more. It will only help your marketing for the future and provide a better service to them.

17th - World Emoji Day – Emojis have played a huge role in digital communications, expressing emotions and adding visual context and even a bit of fun into our messaging. Today celebrates our everyday use of emojis. Which do you use most often?

18th - National Ice Cream Day – Summer and ice cream go hand-in-hand, so of course there would be an Ice Cream Day at some point. What are your favourite flavours? If you could build the ultimate sundae, what would be included?

21st - National Hot Dog Day – Like ice cream, hot dogs also seem part of the summer experience. Hot dogs are the ultimate sports food too, and now come in many different varieties for everyone.

23rd - Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony – As of now, the Tokyo Summer Olympics (postponed from last year) are due to start with the opening ceremony taking place on the 23rd. Despite all the uncertainties, we hope all the amazing athletes participating have a wonderful and safe time competing on a world stage!

24th - National Tequila Day – Something to wash down all the delicious food from this month! Cheers to you!

25th - Wine & Cheese Day – And if tequila isn’t your thing, there is always Wine and Cheese Day on the 25th! This is definitely our kind of day.

29th - International Tiger Day – Did you know that the tiger population has decreased by 95% since the start of the 20th century? The World Wildlife Fund has four ways you can show your support and help spread awareness of this critically endangered species on their website.

30th - World Friendship Day – Today celebrates all our friendships and how important they are! True friendships are a real gift. Give a shoutout to your amazing friends who have supported you in your journey!

30th - National Cheesecake Day – Last but not least of the amazing food days this month is Cheesecake Day! This is one we will definitely be celebrating around here at DFHQ. Love a good New York style cheesecake. What’s your pick?

July is also...

Plastic Free July

Sarcoma Awareness Month

Picnic Month

Ice Cream Month (So if the one day wasn’t enough time to celebrate, don’t worry, you got the whole month!)

Plan Now for Less Stress This Summer

There are even more dates, including those for the rest of the third quarter (August & September) on our new Q3 Social Media Planning Template, giving you everything you need to plan for consistent content this summer!

And if you want to delve more in-depth into social media marketing for your business, create a strategy, or just get a refresher for you and your team on current best practices, then get in touch! At Digital Flamingo, we offer a number of solutions with the aim of keeping your social media marketing as easy as possible.

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