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Why I Started My Own Podcast

As you probably know by now, I recently launched my very first podcast, The Empowered Entrepreneur, and what a great response it has been so far!

Podcasts aren’t a new thing by any means, but I finally got on board with the whole idea of getting my voice out there, and I am so glad I did.

Here’s why I decided to start a podcast and why you may want to think of creating your own, too!

It Helps Me Further Engage with Existing Audiences While Reaching New Ones

Podcasts are great for offering another way for existing audiences to reach your content, but to be discovered by new ones too. Being available on platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts makes it easier to be found by those looking for a bit of entrepreneurial inspiration.

Podcasts are super convenient and can be listened to while the listen is doing something else like driving or at the gym, so it’s another excellent way of getting your message across to busy audiences.

It’s a More Personal Approach

People connect with people – I say this a lot when it comes to social media marketing, but it’s especially true with podcasts, too.

Getting your voice out there and heard is a very personal approach. There is something very moving in our voice and they way we speak, and the listener gets all the emotion we express through our podcast, more so than they would through written word. It’s almost like the listener is in the room and part of the conversation, making podcasts a very powerful way of connecting with audiences.

As a side note, please don’t be put off by your own voice! So many, including myself, have been put off by the idea of listening to our own voice. You are most definitely your own worst critic here. Believe me, your voice sounds wonderfully-you (hence the personal approach and amazing benefits it can bring), and people would love to listen to what you have to say!

I’m Building My Brand

Because of this more personal approach, it makes it easier for listeners to get to know you, and ultimately build on that know, like, trust factor.

Through podcasts, you can amplify your visibility and establish yourself as a thought leader or expert, which can really benefit your own business and personal brand.

While not necessarily all about social media marketing, I know having a regular podcast about being in business will not only raise the profile of Digital Flamingo, but it will also allow me to get my name out there too.

I’m Passionate About Supporting Fellow Entrepreneurs

The Empowered Entrepreneur is about just that…empowerment and talking about the issues the modern-day entrepreneur faces. It’s there to act as a business cheerleader, celebrating all the successes and combating challenges in this journey.

This is something I am very passionate about as I know first-hand the various issues entrepreneurs today face. Podcasting gives me the opportunity to talk about these issues, offering another way of getting my enthusiasm of supporting other businesses out there.

It’s FUN!

Talking to amazing people to hear their stories, learn their thoughts on subjects important to me and see them light up as they talk about their passions?! Yes, please!

That fact that I get to talk (and I love to talk) to other business owners in a positive space is not only fun for me, but I’m left feeling pretty inspired myself. I really do enjoy recording and hope that both my guests and the listeners have fun too.

Have a Listen!

While it’s not completely about social media marketing, there’s still plenty of other great topics the everyday entrepreneur faces that I’ll be discussing with other fantastic small business owners, such as motivation, imposter syndrome and the benefits of being your true authentic self in business.

I’m no podcast expert by any means (shout out to One Stop Podcasts who helped me get this thing up off the ground!) but do get in touch with any questions about my own experience.

Check out The Empowered Entrepreneur here or wherever you get your podcast, and don’t forget to subscribe and share!


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