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The Social Media Day Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge? What if we said it could boost your social media?

Planning and consistency are key to social media marketing, yet so many of us still post as and when we remember, struggling to think of ideas to keep up a healthy social media presence.

So, with Social Media Day coming up on 30th June, we thought we would give everyone a little challenge to boost their social media and get into good social media practices! In the two weeks leading up to Social Media Day, we’re setting small businesses a challenge that will give your social media marketing a kickstart into the summer.

Starting on Thursday, 17th June until the 30th, this challenge is kept in a bite-sized form, designed to lessen overwhelm and encourage consistent content creation! It features a mix of just-for-fun, educational and promotional content, while also working on that human connection.

Ready to get started? Check out these easy content ideas and get planning/scheduling today!

DAY 1 (17th): Introduce yourself and/or the business – Has it been a while since you said hello and introduced yourself and what you have to offer? Start off the challenge by doing just that! Don’t be afraid to share your “why” and a picture of yourself too. People connect with people after all.

DAY 2 (18th): Ask your audience a question – Ask a question related to your business/industry that your audience can answer or opt for a “this or that” or even “fill in the blank”.

DAY 3 (19th): Business/industry fact or statistic – Share an interesting, attention-grabbing fact or statistic related to your business/industry.

DAY 4 (20th): Share a resource you love – This could be a tool, website or news source that you think your audience will love too.

DAY 5 (21st): Promote one of your most popular products or services – Shout about what’s a hot seller at your business.

DAY 6 (22nd): Tip/How-to – Share a great tip or how-to demonstration that your audience will find valuable. (#TuesdayTips)

DAY 7 (23rd): Share some business news – What’s been happening at your business? What exciting things are in store this summer?

DAY 8 (24th): Behind the scenes – Give a glimpse into what it’s like behind the scenes at your business. You may want to share your workspace or even ‘a day in the life of…’ post to give even more interesting insight.

DAY 9 (25th): Share some feedback – Don’t be scared to shout about the great reviews/feedback you’ve received! It offers social proof and can inspire customers.

DAY 10 (26th): Promote your website or blog – Direct your audience to where they can get more information or where to shop with you.

DAY 11 (27th): Share other content – Share industry news or an article your audience would find useful from a trusted source.

DAY 12 (28th): Post a work-in-progress or share a picture of yourself at work – This is another great behind-the-scenes opportunity showing your audience you doing what you do best!

DAY 13 (29th): Answer an FAQ – What’s something that you get asked a lot? This is another great opportunity to inform your audience and provide some value.

DAY 14 (30th): Promote your products/services – Choose a particular product/service or a range to showcase. Talk about the problem it can solve or its USP.


Have other ideas that you want to use? Go for it! But if you get stuck, these prompts can keep you going.

(Oh, and BIG BONUS POINTS from us if you can implement video!)

Don't forget: Creating content is only part of the game. Don't forget to show up for your audience and to get involved in conversations.

Use the hashtag #SMDayChallenge and check in with us on our social media pages to let us know you’re taking up the challenge and how you’re doing along the way on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn (and you'll want to keep your eye out there for another Social Media Day announcement soon)!

If you want even more post ideas to get you ahead for the rest of the summer, check out our Q3 digital/printable social media planner that has everything you need for great, consistent social media posts for July, August and September.


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