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September 2022 Social Media Dates

We are about to head into the start of the -ber months! From here on out, it will be go, go, go for many businesses in the lead up to Christmas! Not only that, but there are plenty of other key dates coming up between now and then.

While you start planning for the big holidays, don’t forget some of these other just-for-fun social media days for September you may also want to get on board with!

September 2022 Social Media Days

3rd – World Beard Day – There’s a day celebrating all the epic beards out there! According to the official website, on World Beard Day “…it is customary for the bearded members of a family to relax and partake in no jobs or chores.” I’m not entirely sure about that, but if you do sport a beard, celebrate it as you’d like!

5th – Labor Day (US) – Labor Day is national holiday in the US that recognizes the hardworking laborers and achievements. Labor Day weekend often marks the end of summer, so expect lots of barbecues and days out for a busy weekend.

8th – International Literacy Day – Literacy Day is a UNESOC declared awareness day to remind everyone about the importance of literacy as a human right. This year’s theme is “Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces”. To mark the day, you could donate books to a school or community library or gift one of your favourite books growing up to help a young person fall in love with reading.

8th – Start of the NFL Season – The 2022/23 American Football season starts! Can the Los Angeles Rams do it again at the Super Bowl or will there be some surprises this NFL season? If you have a team, shout out about them!

10th – World Suicide Prevention Day – Suicide is preventable, and every life lots to it is a tragedy. If you suspect someone is having dark thoughts, reach out to them and don’t be afraid to ask questions to start a conversation. It is also Suicide Prevention Month. Samaritans will have resources available for download soon, but also have tips on how to reach out and help someone who may be in need.

19th – Talk Like a Pirate Day – Arrr, don’t be underestimating the power of Talk Like a Pirate Day, matey! Ok, that was a bad example, but Talk Like a Pirate Day is a real thing! Obviously just for fun, some businesses have offered freebies for customers who come in and ask in a pirate dialect!

21st – World Gratitude Day – When your heart is full of gratitude, the good feelings spread to the rest of your body and shows as a smile on your face – which then helps other people smile and feel gratitude, too! What are you grateful for? Share your gratitude with your audience.

22nd – Businesswomen’s Day – Hey fellow businesswomen! This day is to celebrate US! Here’s to all the women out there who had a vision to work for themselves. It’s not always easy going, but here we are, smashing it!

23rd – First Day of Autumn – If you know anything about me, I LIVE for the autumn, and it’s finally here! I’m looking forward to crispy leaves, cosy nights in and all the amazing holidays that come with it too (It’s not too early to talk about Halloween…just saying!) What do you love the most about autumn?

25th – National Cooking Day – Do you love to cook? On National Cooking Day, share your favourite dish to make or even the recipe and ask your audience to do the same.

29th – World Heart Day – Here’s to be heart healthy! Whether it’s going for a walk with friends or taking on a bike ride, there are lots of easy ways we can be heart healthy, even without knowing it. What ways do you keep your heart healthy?

30th – International Podcast Day – Podcasts are so versatile and have certainly found their way into everyday life. There’s a podcast about everything! Do you have a favourite? (Shameless plug for my podcast The Empowered Entrepreneur here!)

30th – Macmillan Coffee Morning – Macmillan Coffee Mornings are famous for bringing together colleagues, friends and family for cakes (baked or faked!) and coffee all for an amazing cause. Will your workplace be putting together a coffee morning for Macmillan? Be sure to share picture of all the great bakes brought in.

September is also…

Back to School Month

It’s the Start of the Busiest Time of Year!

September often is the gateway to the busiest time of year. Once autumn hits, there’s not a whole lot on many business’ minds than Christmas!

Planning your major campaigns now means that not only will you have peace-of-mind knowing your social media is planned for, but it’s also done with more thought and is therefore more effective in getting your message across to the right audience in a way that resonates with them.

Why not join me for a half-day Christmas Campaigns Workshop coming up 7th September from 12-4pm at Ashton Old Baths, and let’s plan all your Q4 social media together!


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