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May 2022 Dates for Social Media

The wonderful month of May is nearly here! If the prospect of sunny, warmer springtime days wasn’t enough to celebrate, we got some other great dates coming up that your business can get involved with on social media (many which turn into trending topics).

As always, choose some of the dates that are most relevant to your brand and audience – and have FUN with it!

Social Media Dates in May 2022

1st – World Laughter Day – They say laughter is the best medicine, and I believe it! Nothing feels better than a good giggle, and it comes with a lot of health benefits too! What makes you laugh?

2nd – May Bank Holiday – We may have just had a long weekend, with another coming up soon, but that doesn’t mean another in between isn’t welcomed! I hope everyone gets to enjoy another sunny one!

4th – Star Wars Day – May the fourth be with you, Star Wars lovers! I use this day as an excuse to geek out over the movies, but why limit it to one day when there is also “The revenge of the sixth” too? 😊

5th – World Password Day – When was the last time you changed your password (without being prompted because you forgot it!)? No…really? Passwords are the first level of defence against would-be hackers, so the stronger, and more frequently changed, the better. But don’t limit it there – make sure you turn on that 2-factor authentication on all of your social media accounts too.

5th – Cinco De Mayo – Today marks the victory of the Mexican army in a battle over the French way back in 1862. For many, it’s a day to celebrate Mexican heritage, usually with plenty of food, drinks, dancing and more.

8th – Mother’s Day (US, Canada, Aus. & other countries) – While Mother’s Day was observed in March in the UK, much of the rest of the world celebrates in May.

9th – Mental Health Awareness Week (UK) – The 9th sees the start of Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK (It is in October in the US). This year’s theme is loneliness and what we can do to reduce it. Get conversations going, reach out to those you’ve not spoken to in a while and get involved in the campaign with the help of some resources found here.

12th – International Nurses Day – Here’s to those nurses all around the world who have selflessly worked to help others, especially in these last chaotic couple of years. They have been nothing short of heroes to many, so why not use today to show your appreciation and thank a nurse today!

13th – World Cocktail Day – World Cocktail Day also falls on Friday the 13th, but what can be so bad about the day if you have your favourite cocktail in hand? If your brand was to be turned into a cocktail, what would be the ingredients? Something tropical for Digital Flamingo, for sure!

14th – Eurovision Final – Always a hot topic, the Eurovision final takes place in Turin on the 14th. It may divide opinion and get conversations flowing, but it’s usually a good laugh and a fun distraction. How will the UK do this year? We will see!

17th – World Baking Day – Get out those aprons and utensils, and use today as an excuse to whip up your favourite recipe. What’s your own signature bake? If you love to bake, why ot share it with your audience and ask for them to share theirs too?

18th – International Museum Day – Today looks at the role museums play and how important they are. Do you have a favourite museum that you like to visit or one that’s related to your industry that you could shout about?

20th – World Bee Day – Bees are vital to our ecosystem, including food production but have sadly been declining in numbers. World Bee Day reminds the public about the importance of bees, their crucial role, and how to help. The official World Bee Day website has some ways you can get involved and share your support for the bees.

21st – World Whisky Day – Even though we’ve not long had a whisky, related day, why let that stop us from celebrating another? Here’s to good whisky! Are you a whisky drinker? What type would you go for first?

25th – National Wine Day – We’ve also not long has a wine-related day, but again, let’s continue the fun with National Wine Day. White, rosé, red or sparkling…what’s your choice?

28th – National Hamburger Day – The classic hamburger is so simple, yet iconic and has been a go-to food choice for something quick or at a barbecue. While traditionally made with beef, there are almost no rules when it comes to making burgers, so for you, what makes the “perfect” burger?

29th – National Biscuit Day – Another tasty day on the calendar is National Biscuit Day in the UK! There is always a good debate to be had on what makes the perfect biscuit and favourites. Which is yours?

May is also…

National Photography Month

National Bike Month

Mental Health Awareness Month (US)

Get Planning!

Now that you have some ideas where you can create some fun content, it’s time to get planning and creating – but what else can you be shouting about on your social media?

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