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March 2022 Dates for Social Media

March already?! How did that happen? No complaints here though as there is certainly quite a bit happening this month to keep us busy, including fun celebrations and historically trending topics to jump into.

Get ready for some of these March just-for-fun and awareness popular social media days that your business may be able to get involved with.

Social Media Days for March 2022

1st – Pancake Day – One of the yummiest days of the year! Get in on the fierce annual debate on what makes the best pancake toppings. How do you have yours?

1st – Mardi Gras – Time to get your carnival on! The famous Mardi Gras celebration takes place today in New Orleans. Expect lots of colour, traditional foods, beads and of course, fun.

1st – National Barista Day – Can’t go a day without stopping into a local coffee shop before work? Thank a barista!

1st – World Compliment Day – Hey, you there! Yes, you! You’re doing great! (A simple compliment can really make someone’s day, so try to spread the love today with a genuine compliment that puts a smile on someone’s face. And yes, we really do think you’re doing great!)

3rd – World Wildlife Day – World Wildlife Day is not only about all the amazing wildlife on this earth, but also about the people who are actively working hard in conservation efforts. Get involved using The UN’s World Wildlife Day social media resources found here.

3rd – World Book Day – It’s a day to shout about your favourite books, authors and illustrators. Share the books that have had a major impact on your life and ask others to do the same.

8th – International Women’s Day – This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #BeatTheBias for a more equal world. Strike the pose for #IWD2022 and post using the hashtags to show your support!

10th – National Mario Day – March 10th is MAR10 day (see what they did there?). What has been your favourite Mario game?

14th – Pi Day – Yes, there is even a celebration for a mathematical constant, so appropriately on March 14th (3-14). Although, many do mark the day with a delicious pie too!

15th – World Speech Day – World Speech Day aims to promote public speaking, great speeches and those who deliver them. Public speaking can be a scary thing for many of us, but today is a great day to feel a bit brave and share a little about your expertise on your social media to practice! This year’s theme is A New Harmony. Learn more on the official website.

17th – St. Patrick’s Day – Cheers! It’s nearly St. Patrick’s Day! Although of course this holiday is celebrated in Ireland, people around the world also get in on the celebrations with parades, themed food and treats and green clothing!

18th – World Sleep Day – Nearly half of the world’s population suffer with sleep disorders. Sleep is a basic human need and lack of it can have an effect on health. What helps get you a good night’s sleep?

20th – International Day of Happiness – I think we can all agree that we could use a little bit more happiness in the world right now. What or who makes you happy? How can you spread a bit of happiness and cheer as a business?

20th - Spring starts - One reason many people may be happy is that we finally head into spring on the 20th! Happy spring! What sort of activities and events have you got planned now that the weather is a bit warmer, the days are a bit longer and the sun is shining more?

21st – World Poetry Day – Roses are red, violets are blue. I appreciate good poetry, how about you? Did you know that poems date back to early man? They’re a real art form that has been used to share stories and express emotion. Do you have a favourite poem?

23rd – National Puppy Day – We cannot wait to see our timelines full of cute puppy pictures, gifs, videos and more! It may not be the most productive day, but at least we’ll have a smile on our face looking at them all. Please share a picture of your puppy or dog when he/she was little and bring a little “Awww!” back to social media timelines.

27th – International Whisk(e)y Day – Are you a whisky lover? Today is for you, and of course, there is only one proper way to celebrate. Which would you reach for first?

30th – National Doctors Day – Especially after the last two years, we should be celebrating and praising our hard-working doctors! Here’s to those incredible doctors around the world who have been so dedicated to helping others.

31st – World Backup Day – Ever lose a piece of work you spent hours typing up because your computer froze? Or worse – the whole thing went down and you were unable to recover files? Performing regular backups from hitting that save button to full-scale file backups to the cloud can be a real lifesaver! You will be entirely glad you did if disaster were to strike, so let today be a reminder that if you haven’t a backup plan in place, it’s time to get one.

March is also…

Endometriosis Awareness Month

National Women’s History Month

National Nutrition Month

National Craft Month

Spring into Action with a Social Media Strategy this March!

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