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Key Dates for Social Media - September 2020

It's BACK!

Out key dates calendar for your social media calendar is back with our shiny new website! It's a popular feature every month, and we appreciate your patience as we worked hard over the crazy lockdown period to bring it back and better than ever!

New to our social media calendar? Welcome! Here you will find key dates that have historcially trended on social media. We encourage you to get involved n the conversations behind them or prepare for what might be a big day for your industry.

This does not mean you should force yourself to plan content around every key date! Instead, pick an choose the ones that your audience and industry can relate to in order to create relevant content and conversation around it.

September is the start of the fabulous -BER months - also known as the start of the very busy period ahead. Even in crazy 2020, this time will be the start a very busy few months ahead.

Here are just some* of the key dates for social media in September that businesses may want to make note of for their content for the month ahead. (These are just some of the most popular ones for businesses - Yes, there are other weird and wonderful, and even some solemn dates, but these may be ones noteworthy for businesses as per past social media trends).

September 2020 Social Media Dates

  • 5th - International Day of Charity - Does your business support a specific charity? Why not let your audience now about it and all the good work they do.

  • 6th - Read a Book Day - Who doesn't love getting lost in a good book? If you could spend your day getting lost in any novel, which would it be? What book would you suggest to your audience related to your industry?

  • 7th - Labor Day - A day the US that is dedicated to American workers, recognizing all their hard work and contribution!

  • 8th - Star Trek Day - Trekkies, rejoice! This day is to celebrate Star Trek, its amazing series, the movies, and most importantly, the show's approach to diversity in a time it wasn't as prevalent. Do you consider yourself a "Trekkie"?

  • 9th - Teddy Bear Day - Teddy Bears became popular in the early 20th century, named after US President Teddy Roosevelt. Today honours them as being part of many's childhood (because we all had a favourite teddy, right?!) Do you still have yours? (Go on, admit it!)

  • 12th - Video Games Day - Video games have had their impact on generation after generation. As we await the introduction of new platforms like the PS5 and XBox Series X, what has been your video game platform of choice? What have been yoru favourite games?

  • 12th - Premier League Opening Day - This year has been weird, as we all know, and the 20/21 Premier League season has been pushed back to opening on 12th September. Any early predictions as to who will lift the trophy this season?

  • 13th - Grandparent's Day (US) - The US have a dedicated day to grandparents on the 13th, a day to show gratitude to grandma and grandpa for all they have done. What valuable lesson have your grandparents ever showed you growing up (I know I can think of a few)!

  • 17th - International Country Music Day - Think Dolly Parton, Garth Brooke, Shania Twain and more...Country music has brought a distinguished sound that has that unmistable down home, feel good vibe. Which country music start has stood out for you?

  • 18th - Cheeseburger Day - A dish so nice, that it has its own song even (see "Cheeseburger in Paradise" by Jimmy Buffet!). The humble cheeseburger definitely has become a staple in many menus. How do you have yours?

  • 19th - Talk Like a Pirate Day - Every year we say it...Do not underestimate the power of Talk Like a Pirate Day! It trends every year! Is it silly? Yes. Is it fun? Also yes. Many brands jump onboard the Talk Like a Pirate Day trend, asking customers to talk like a pirate to get exclusives, discounts, and more. So...Arrr, me hearties! Let's be getting on the trend for a bit o'fun, shall we?

  • 20th - Pepperoni Pizza Day - It's the UK's and US's favourite pizza topping, so if today's not an excuse to indulge on a pepperoni pizza, when is?

  • 21st - International Day of Peace - A UN-sanctioned holiday, the International Day of Peace (or World Peace Day) undoubtedly calls for world peace, especially in 2020 when we are all fighting the same battle and could work better together.

  • 22nd - Business Women's Day - For all you women out there killing it on the business scene, this day is for you! It takes a lot to run your own business, and this day is to mark all the accomplishments businesswomen have made!

  • 22nd - First Day of Autumn - Today also marks the end of summer and first day of beautiful autumn!

  • 27th - World Tourism Day - Okay, so things may be a bit different this year, and we may not be travelling as much as we normally would, but tourism doesn't need to happen in another country. This year is all about the STAYCATION and exploring the amazing places that my be on our own backyard (maybe literally for some backyard camping or a bit further - either way, let's make it fun)!

Need Help with Your Content?

Coming up with your social media marketing strategy for the month doesn't need to be complicated, but if you need a bit of help in finding the best way to speak to your audience, we can work with you in creating the perfect content! Whether through social media consulting, working with you to develop a plan to content creation, leaving it to us to create a unique content calendar for you, we're here to help you better connect with your audience in September and the months beyond. Let's have a chat!


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