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Key Dates for Social Media - March 2021

Warmer and longer days are ahead with March - and plenty to celebrate, too! March is packed with fun days that we can be jumping on board with and using in our social media.

Doing this not only gives us usually something positive to post (and we all need a little of that right now), but it breaks up from the selling posts, allows us to connect with our audience and as a bonus, jump on trends for the day which can help increase reach – all when shouting about the days that only mean the most to our business and audience, of course!

So, find some of the just-for-fun key dates for social media for March and ideas and get planning your content!

Social Media Dates in March 2021

1st – World Compliment Day – You can really make someone’s day with a simple and sincere compliment. It’s the easy way to spread a little joy and put a smile on someone’s face. Go out of your way to pay a compliment today, maybe even to your lovely followers.

1st – St. David’s Day – The feast of St. David, the patron saint of Wales, takes place today and although celebrations may be a bit quieter this year, why not try a hand at making some traditional Welsh cakes or Bara Brith?

3rd – World Wildlife Day – Today is a UN sanctioned day that celebrates our wildlife, animals and plants alike. This year’s theme is “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet”. There is even a social media kit available to use to help shout about the day and spread awareness. Be sure to use the hashtags #WorldWildlifeDay or #WWD2021 too.

4th – World Book Day – World Book Day is usually a massive celebration, often in schools, to show love for our favourite authors and illustrators. Why not share your favourite books with your audience, either from your childhood or now, and invite your audience to do the same and give their recommendations?

5th – Employee Appreciation Day – It’s been a tough year to say the least, so take the time today to recognise your employees and all their hard work. Showing your appreciation for your employees as a positive impact all around, so let’s tell the world about how amazing your staff are!

8th – International Women’s Day – Today celebrates the achievements of women across the globe but also highlights issues still faced. This year’s theme is #ChallengeToChange to challenge people to call out gender bias and inequality. There are some great resources and ideas on how to get involved with the day here on the official website. March is also Women’s History Month!

14th – Mother’s Day (UK) – Mothering Sunday takes place on the 14th! If you have Mother’s Day items to sell, start posting and planning now if you haven’t already. (And if you’re in the US, don’t panic! Mother’s Day takes place there in May.)

14th – Pi Day – Today actually celebrates the mathematical constant π (pi) since the date in US terms is 3.14. It’s also just a good excuse to make some actual pie, so why not? This day always seems to get a mention on social media!

14th – Daylight Savings Begins (US) – Clocks “spring forward” as daylight savings time begins in the US.

17th – St. Patrick’s Day – This fun Irish holiday in honour of St. Patrick usually involves many celebrations and activities, and in many places other than just Ireland, too! Again, celebrations will be a bit different this year, but we’re sure many will be doing what they can safely at home to mark the day with plenty of good food and drinks, music, dancing and plenty of green.

19th – Red Nose Day – In support of Comic Relief, Red Nose Day is an annual awareness and fundraising day to help support people who need it the most within the UK and globally for brighter futures. Organisations across the UK often take part in the day with their Red Noses and fundraising efforts – and that will still be the case this year, albeit virtually! Are you hosting any events or getting involved somehow? Shout about it and encourage others to donate! Read more about Red Nose Day and how to get involved here.

20th – First Day of Spring – Spring is finally arriving! It’s a season of new beginnings and hope.

20th – International Day of Happiness – No coincidence that the first day of Spring is on the same day of the International Day of Happiness! What or who makes you happiest? What things can you do for yourself that makes you happy?

23rd – National Puppy Day – Puppies are adorable little balls of fluff and love! They bring so much joy with their antics and affection – and are just oh-so-cute even when they’re sleeping. Then they grow up to be amazingly loyal and lovable members of the family. Honestly, we just love dogs around here! Who else has gotten through these lockdowns with funny and sweet videos of puppies?

27th – International Whisky Day – One for the whisky lovers! Although a recognised day of sorts, there is also a World Whisky Day movement later in May. I guess we’ll just have to celebrate both!

28th – Daylight Savings Begins (UK) – Daylight Savings Time kicks in for the UK today.

31st – World Backup Day – What would happen to your business if your computer were to suddenly stop working, or if your laptop was stolen? Backing up data is a simple and effective way of protecting our business and its assets, yet so many don’t do it. Here is why it is so crucial your business implements regular backups.

Start Planning Now to Save on Time & Stress

Take the key dates that are most relatable to your business and audience (and not all of them will be) and start planning and scheduling your content now. It will save you a lot of time and stress in the long run. You don’t want to be stuck at the end of a big day and struggling to push out content. Planning ahead of time also lets you schedule those posts for the times your audience will most likely be online and react, so there are many benefits to creating a strategy now.

If you’re stuck at where to start, we can help by working together with you on the perfect plan that sees you consistent and connecting with your audience. Simply say hello today and let’s have a chat to discuss how we can work together!


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