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June 2022 Dates for Social Media

Who’s ready for warmer days, sunshine and plenty of fun-filled social media dates to celebrate this June?!

There are plenty of just-for-fun and awareness dates coming up this next month, so see which ones do best for you, your brand and your audience and get planning.

Social Media Dates for June 2022

1st – Say Something Nice Day – Even what may seem like a small compliment can really be the thing that brightens someone’s day – and it will for you too! While we should practice saying something nice every day, why not use today to give a shout out to your customers or partners and make their day!

2nd-5th - Jubilee Weekend – Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 70 years on the throne this weekend. What sort of Platinum Jubilee plans do you have in store, if any? You can find some resources to use on social media on the official Platinum Jubilee website here.

3rd – National Donut Day – Always recognised on the first Friday in June, Donut (or Doughnut) Day is in honour of the ladies of the Salvation Army who distributed donuts to servicemen during World War I. We still use donuts today as a bit of a morale booster, especially in the office.

3rd – World Bicycle Day – Bicycles are not only fun to ride, but they’re great for exercise, eco-friendly and the economical choice of transportation too. Do you ride a bike to work or for leisure?

5th – World Environment Day – This year’s theme for World Environment Day is “Only One Earth”. The official website has some great resources and give the opportunity to share your own actions and impact with the world. Share these with your audience too, using the hashtag #OnlyOneEarth and encourage them to also take a positive action.

8th – Best Friends Day –There’s nothing quite like our best friends, so here’s a big shout out to our besties who are always there for us!

8th – World Oceans Day – There are some great World Ocean Day graphics available to use here on the official website to help promote this year’s theme of 30x30…that is to call on world leaders to protect at least 30% of the ocean by 2030.

11th – World Gin Day – Gin lovers, this one’s for you! It’s time to celebrate all things gin by well…enjoying it! The humble gin & tonic has come a long though and is now offered in several flavour combinations. What make the ideal gin & tonic in your opinion?

18th – International Picnic Day – With these warmer days, dining al fresco is a must, and there’s no better way to do that than with friends and family over a picnic. Use this day as an excuse to enjoy the great outdoors with your favourite picnic foods.

19th – Father’s Day – Today we honour those fathers, dads, daddies, stepdads, grandfathers and those like a dad to us…here’s to you and all you do!

20th – World Refugee Day – This is a United Nations recognised day to raise awareness of refugees, hardships endured and courageous journeys taken. There are often events around the world to mark this day, many led by refugees themselves. Check out the UN website to learn more on how to get involved.

21st – First Day of Summer – It’s HERE! Welcome summer of 22! Summer solstice finally makes its debut with the longest day of the year. What are you looking forward to the most with your business this summer?

21st – World Music Day – Today is a day for everyone to enjoy, because who doesn’t love music, right? Music moves us in incredible ways, including spurring us on with a sense of motivation. What music do you like to put on when you are needing a bit of motivation?

21st – World Motorcycle Day – There’s no better day to celebrate World Motorcycle Day than on the first day of summer, where riders can enjoy the freedom that comes with great outdoors the longest. Do you consider yourself a motorcycle enthusiast?

22nd – World Rainforest Day – Rainforests only cover about 3% of the Earth’s surface, yet they are so vital to life all over the globe. Several groups, such as the Rainforest Alliance, are working hard to preserve the rainforests and have featured some ways you can get involved.

24th – Take Your Dog to Work Day – Dogs bring us such joy, so why not bring them to the office and spread a bit of that joy! Some of us are lucky to have our dogs with us and part of the team every day. If you bring your dog to work, I want pictures!

25th – Global Beatles Day – The Beatles’ influence on the music industry is still very much felt today. Today celebrates the four lads form Liverpool and the impact they have. Do you have a favourite Beatles song?

26th – National Beauticians Day – Here’s to those wonderful beauticians who give us a bit of pampering and a dose of self-care.

27th – Wimbledon starts – The renowned tennis tournament starts on the 27th June and runs until 10th July. Will you be watching or indulging in the traditional strawberries and cream during the event?

27th – International Pineapple Day – “Be like a pineapple – stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside!” Pineapple is so distinctive; it even gets its own day! The big question is, though…does it belong on pizza?

30th – Social Media Day – Love it or hate it, social media has a massive impact on global communication – and today celebrates just that (and if you do hate it, come talk to me so we can change that so it’s more positive for you and your business)! There may even be some free events to participate in, so keep an eye out on the social media channels for more. In the meantime, why not plan to share some of your own social media tips or make a promise to yourself that today is the day you’ll plan your calendar for the next quarter?

June is also…

· Pride Month

· Camping Month

· PTSD Awareness Month

Get Your Business Summer-Ready

These social media dates for June can be helpful in getting some content ideas for the month going, but with summer holidays just around the corner, it’s time to re-look at your whole strategy.

In the summer, trends and audiences’ needs can change, so it’s time to plan ahead and get your social media marketing summer-ready, leaving you with more time to enjoy the summer holidays and less time worrying about regular posting.

Not sure where to begin? Get in touch for a chat about your summertime plans!


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