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June 2021 Dates for Social Media

Summer is just around the corner! But that’s not all – there are loads of great just-for-fun and awareness days in June that can be included in your social media marketing plan for the month.

Find the June 2021 dates for social media most relevant to your brand and audience and start planning your content now.

Social Media Dates in June 2021

1st – Say Something Nice Day – To be kind and say something nice costs nothing, and it brings good feelings all around, for the receiver and the person who says it too! Give someone (and even another business) a boost by saying something that will make their day.

3rd – World Bicycle Day – World Bicycle Day is a United Nations observance of the importance of bicycles. They’re not only important as a mode of transport for many, but they’re also eco-friendly and of course, promote exercise. The simple bicycle can also play a vital role in providing access to education, health, business and more. Do you enjoy a bike ride?

4th – National Donut Day – National Donut (or Doughnut) Day in the US is not just a good excuse to enjoy a donut (or 2 – it’s Donut Day anyways!), but this day has a special meaning behind it. The day has been observed since 1938 as a tribute to Salvation Army volunteers who served donuts to font line soldiers in WWI. The baked goods helped to boost morale and give soldiers a taste of home. Do you have a favourite kind?

5th – World Environment Day – The second UN observance this month, World Environment Day brings to light environmental issues and encourages individuals, businesses and organisations alike to take action. This year’s theme is #GenerationRestoration, and you can find ways to get involved with your social media here.

8th – World Oceans Day – This year’s theme for World Oceans Day is “The Ocean: Life and Livelihood” to bring awareness to the life and livelihoods the ocean supports, and the actions that must be taken to protect it. There are some great social media resources available here.

8th – Best Friends Day – It’s time to celebrate the besties! They’re often our biggest supporters after all, so why not give them a shout out for being an awesome friend?

11th – UEFA Euro 2020 starts – After being postponed due to Covid-19, the UEFA Euros are finally going ahead, kicking off today with the final taking place on 11th July. (And yes, it is still being dubbed Euro 2020!)

18th – International Picnic Day – Grab a blanket, pack away some of your favourite foods and enjoy some al-fresco dining with friends and family for International Picnic Day. What would your ideal picnic be like?

19th – Juneteenth – A US observance, Juneteenth marks the emancipation of those who were enslaved. On this significant day, many local celebrations traditionally take place, which involves reflection, lectures, readings, exhibitions, picnics and more.

20th – Father’s Day – Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads, stepdads, dads to be and those who are like a day! This day is for you!

20th – World Refugee Day – Today highlights the extreme struggles refugees face and the work that needs to be done to protect human rights. More can be learned about this important awareness day and how you can take action on the UN website here.

21st – First Day of Summer – It’s officially summer on the 21st, and with more restrictions (hopefully) being lifted in the UK, many of us will be taking full advantage of these warm months and making up for last year. What exciting things have you got planned for the summer?

21st – World Music Day – Nothing beats how your favourite tunes can make you feel! Music is for everybody and today celebrates just that. What are some of your top tunes? What songs can you not help but dance to? What’s included in your workday playlist? There is quite a bit you could include for this day.

21st – Selfie Day – You know what to do today! Why not share a selfie with your audience? Use this day as an opportunity to let them get to know you and see the face behind the business.

21st – International Yoga Day – Yoga is a wonderful practice that works with the mind, body, and soul. Having originated in ancient India, it is still a well-loved form of exercise and mindfulness. Today aims to bring awareness to yoga and all its benefits. Do you practice yoga at all? If not, today might be a good day to try it out to see what the fuss has been about for thousands of years.

21st – World Giraffe Day – Last but certainly not least on the many notable celebrations on the 21st is World Giraffe Day. It’s only appropriate that the longest-necked animal in the world would get its own day on the longest day of the year! Giraffes are incredible creatures, yet they are under severe threat, with only about 600 West African Giraffes in existence. The Giraffe Conservation Foundation has ways you can get involved on social media on this day to help spread awareness.

25th – Global Beatles Day – There is absolutely no doubt about the impact The Beatles had, and still have, in the world of music. Today marks when The Beatles were part of a live international broadcast on the BBC with All You Need is Love in 1967, and now this day is used to celebrate the Fab Four and all their contributions to music. What is your favourite Beatles tune?

27th – Pineapple Day – Sweet, delicious and tropical, the pineapple is revered as a favourite in the fruit world. It’s versatile and great on its own, in cakes, drinks and some might even say…on pizza! Are you pro-pineapple on pizza?

30th – Social Media Day – For over 10 years now, Social Media Day has been observed (first coined by Mashable). Social media plays a major role in the world today. It’s a great place for discovering new things, connecting with likeminded people, connecting with friends, family, brands and more. It really is incredible all social media can do.

To celebrate Social Media Day, we will be hosting a special social media challenge leading up to the day, with more surprises in store, so keep an eye on our own social media pages (Find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) for an announcement soon!

June is also LGBTQ+ Pride Month (#PrideMonth) and Alzheimer’s Awareness Month!

Get Ahead This Summer!

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