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July 2022 Social Media Dates

Can you believe we are at the start of the third quarter?! Hopefully these dates for social media in July will help kickstart your planning and be ready for it!

Have a look at all that’s happening this July and get inspired to include some of these just-for-fun and awareness dates on your social media content calendar for the month ahead.

Social Media Dates in July 2022

1st – International Joke Day - Why are baby flamingos so badly behaved? Because the parents never put their foot down. Okay, okay, so that was pretty bad! Show me your best jokes on International Joke Day on the 1st – bonus points if they’re related to your business or industry!

3rd – International Plastic Bag Free Day – Can you go the whole day without using a plastic bag? Take it a step further and challenge yourself the whole of July seeing as it’s also Plastic Free July.

7th – World Chocolate Day – Here’s one for you, chocolate lovers. There is actually an International Chocolate Day too (in September) but no reason why you can’t celebrate both! Pick up your favourite bar of chocolate and get ready to indulge without the guilt (not that you should feel guilty anyways if it’s something you enjoy!)

10th – National Kitten Day – How can anyone resist the face of an adorable kitten?! Kittens and their cuteness overload get their own day on the 10th!

14th – National Mac & Cheese Day – This classic dish, and one that’s so incredibly simple at that, obviously also gets its own day. Macaroni and cheese may be a favourite amongst kids, and that’s something we don’t seem to outgrow!

16th – Guinea Pig Appreciation Day – The best way to celebrate guinea pig appreciation day is to share pictures of your adorable guinea pigs if you have any and tell us what’s great about having these cute creatures as pets. Why not give them an extra treat too?

17th – World Emoji Day – Even emojis get their own day! 17th July was chosen as World Emoji Day because that is the date shown on the calendar emoji. What are you most used or favourite emojis? Get your audience involved by asking them to describe something using only emojis or even to depict an emoji code (i.e., “Guess the movie by the emojis”).

17th – Ice Cream Day – Hot summer days make it the perfect time to enjoy your favourite kind of ice cream! This delectable treat gets its own day on the third Sunday of July every year, so break out your ice cream spoons and pick up your favourite flavours to celebrate it properly! What flavour are you going for first

21st – Get to Know Your Customers Day – When was the last time you asked your customers something about themselves? Not only will you learn something that may benefit your business and marketing, but it also makes them feel valued! Use today as motivation to get a conversation going. This day actually pops up a few times throughout the year to remind you to do just that.

24th – Tequila Day – Whether you enjoy it straight or in a cocktail like a margarita, today’s the day to treat yourself to the classic Mexican spirit. You may even find a local tequila festival! Are you a fan?

25th – Wine & Cheese Day – There are days for wine, there are days for cheese…and then there is Wine & Cheese Day, because, why not?!

26th – National Aunts & Uncles Day – Our aunts and uncles can play a very important part of our lives, so this day is for them. Shoutout to the aunts and uncles who have been there for their nieces and nephews in sharing good times and being supportive.

29th – International Tiger Day – While the number of tigers in the wild seems to be increasing overall, numbers are still declining rapidly in some areas in Asia, and there are reportedly more tigers in captivity. Today brings awareness to this incredible creature, and if you’d like to know more about how you can get involved, visit the official website here.

30th – National Cheesecake Day – July has brought days for chocolate, mac & cheese, ice cream, wine & cheese…and now cheesecake! Do you love cheesecake as much as I do?

30th – International Day of Friendship – Today is for celebrating friendship and recognizing how important they are in our lives. Shout out to my friends who have supported me through it all, in business and personal life!

July is also…

· Plastic-Free July

· National Picnic Month

· National Ice Cream Month

Plan Now for an Awesome Summer!

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