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August 2022 Dates for Social Media

Anyone else seriously shocked that we’re talking about August? While many of us may be in summer holiday mode, it’s still important to take a look at what’s coming up this month to schedule your content ahead of time – meaning you have one less thing to worry about while taking some well-deserved time off!

So, here’s just some of the just-for-fun days coming up this August that’s often trending or relatable to audiences and industries.

Social Media Days in August 2022

1st – Yorkshire Day – From Yorkshire or a Yorkshire-based business? Then you know how big this day can be in your community! Yorkshire Day celebrates the biggest county in the UK, and often comes with events across the area. Where are some of your favourite places to visit across this beautifully diverse county?

5th – International Beer Day – Did you know that there is hard evidence to suggest that beer was first brewed near 7,000 years ago? This is definitely a beverage that has been sought out over the centuries, with it still being experimented with today. Will you be having a beer or two in celebration?

5th – Premier League starts – The Premier League season for 2022/23 kicks off on Friday, 5th August with Arsenal visiting Crystal Palace. Any early predictions for how the league will finish?

6th – Farmworker Appreciation Day – Our hardworking farmers don’t get enough recognition! Especially in these last few years when it hasn’t been easy, they deserve a shoutout more than ever. Today is to thank our farmworkers for all they do to keep food and supplies going.

7th – Sisters Day – There’s nothing quite like the bond between sisters. The best way to mark the day is to reach out to your sister, share memories and make plans to make even more memories together.

8th – International Cat Day – For more than 10,000 years, cats have been a companion for humans. Of course, they deserve a celebration! Be ready to share and see many pictures of cats today. Besides, who doesn’t love a funny cat video or meme?

9th – National Book Lovers Day – Whether learning about something new, solving a mystery or travelling off to unknown worlds, books can provide escapism like nothing else. Book Lovers Day is not just about those who already love books, but to inspire that love in others too.

13th – Prosecco Day – Did I hear a cork pop?! It must be Prosecco Day, and there’s only one proper way to mark the day, naturally – especially on a summer’s day. Prosecco isn’t just great on its own, but it is also makes a fabulous cocktail. Are you a fan of the fizz?

13th – Left Handers Day – Here’s to all the left handers out there who still often need to adapt in many tasks designed for right handers! Left Handers Day even has its own official website which includes assets you can use on your social media, so if you’re left handed, shout loud and proud about it today.

15th – National Relaxation Day – If you happen to need a reminder to relax, this is it! But don’t wait for the 15th to come around. Relaxation is part of self-care and should be practiced often.

19th – World Photography Day – Photography captures moments we may even seem to miss at the time. Are you an avid photographer? Do you have any specific places or people you like to capture? Maybe you even have a favourite photograph you could share on this day. Also, here’s a shoutout to all the professional photographers out there who have the eye and ideas for the perfect picture.

19th – National Potato Day – Oh, the humble potato and its many uses! Who knew that so many different dishes could come from one vegetable? It can even make vodka! Did you have a favourite way to eat potatoes?

26th – International Dog Day – Not to be outdone by the cats who get their own day this month, dogs are also recognised on the 26th. Man’s best friend is called that for good reason! You can mark the day by sharing photos of your own pup and/or asking others to share theirs. It definitely brings joy to timelines!

29th – Summer Bank Holiday – The Summer Bank Holiday in England, Wales & Northern Ireland is on the 29th, meaning the end of summer is near. Let’s enjoy one last long weekend before it ends (It’s the last bank holiday before Christmas!).

August is also…

Back to school season – Many families are preparing for going back to school this month. Whether their first day of school is in August or preparing for an early September start, parents will be looking to get ready for the new school year.

Plan Now, Relax More Later!

With many of us taking time off over August before the -ber months kick in, it’s essential to get that social media calendar planned and scheduled ahead of time. Choose some of these dates that are most relatable to your audience and industry, plan some fun content and include it as part of a variety of other content types.

Need help brainstorming a full content calendar that’s do-able? Let’s work together in doing just that! With a Power Hour PLUS, we can get some content ideas rolling with a brainstorming session, or let’s make it a long-term partnership that sees your social media goals through.

Contact me today for a free, no-obligation chat about your social media and let’s get started!


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