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August 2021 Dates for Social Media

Glorious August is upon us, and as well as lovely summer days, it’s also full of fun days we could be getting involved with and shouting on our social media! Check out what’s in store this month and see what’s relatable that you could include in your August social media content calendar.

Social Media Days in August 2021

1st – Yorkshire Day – “Ey up”, it’s Yorkshire Day, a day to celebrate the largest county in the UK, its people and all it has to offer! What are some of your favourite places to visit in this beautiful, diverse county?

1st – Sisters Day – There’s nothing quite like the love and bond between sisters. The best way to mark the day is to reach out to your sister, share memories, make plans together and generally make more memories together!

6th – International Beer Day – International Beer Day was first celebrated in California in 2007, but beer itself is said to have been brewed as far back as 7,000 years ago! To celebrate the day, it is suggested to be a bit adventurous and sample something new.

8th – Olympics Closing Ceremony – The Summer Olympics in Tokyo are coming to an end, but that’s not the last of our summer of sport. The Paralympics Opening Ceremony is on the 24th.

8th – International Cat Day – Today celebrates one of our most ancient domestic animals, the cat. A PDSA report last year says that 24% of the UK population own a cat. Do you have a cat in your family? Tell us about them!

9th-15th – Afternoon Tea Week – Afternoon tea dates back to the early 19th century, made popular when Queen Victoria made it a more formal occasion. There’s only one proper way to observe the week, and that’s with a gorgeous afternoon tea with friends. And although it is traditionally known with finger sandwiches, cakes and scones, there are so many different variations of afternoon tea now, that you’re sure to find something to your tastebuds worth trying in our wonderful local cafes and restaurants.

10th – World Lion Day – There are an estimated 20,000 lions left in the wild today. That’s a long way from the 200,000 recorded a century ago. Where lions used to roam throughout the African continent, they are now extinct from 26 African countries. World Lion Day aims to raise awareness of the majestic animal and conservation efforts in place.

12th – World Elephant Day – Like World Lion Day, today is to bring awareness to the dwindling numbers amongst the elephant population. Elephants are still being poached for their tusks or kept in horrific conditions. The World Elephant Day website has some great ways on how you can show support to the current conservation efforts.

13th – Left Handers Day – Not only does today celebrate left-handers, but its to bring awareness to the challenges they often face. Even in some countries still, it is considered improper to use your left hand for ordinary tasks. So left handers, this day is for you! The BBC has some great facts for Left Handers Day here.

13th – Prosecco Day – If you needed an excuse to pop open a bottle of prosecco, here it is. Needless to say, prosecco is a very popular drink, with the UK said to be the biggest consumers of it (about 36% of the world’s supply). Do you enjoy a bottle of the Italian bubbly or a particular cocktail that uses it?

14th – Premier League 2021/22 season starts – The 2021/22 Premier League season kicks off on Saturday, 14th August! Any early predictions?

19th – World Photography Day – World Photography Day is a global celebration of the art and history of photography. Share a favourite photo you have taken and use the hashtag #WorldPhotographyDay.

26th – International Dog Day – Not to be outdone by International Cat Day, International Dog Day is also this month on the 26th. Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, and for many of us who have been dog owners know how true that is! We’d love to learn about your four-legged friends who have been bringing joy behind the scenes (and invite your audience to do the same).

30th – Summer Bank Holiday (Eng., Wales, NI) – It’s the last bank holiday until December and way to mark the end of the summer. Here’s hoping it’s sunny and enjoyable for all!

August is also…

Back to School month – Many schools are going back, or preparing to go back, to school this month. Here's hoping it's a great school year ahead for students and teachers alike, especially after the craziness of the last two.

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