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April 2021 Dates for Social Media

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

April is looking to be an exciting month! Not only is spring in full swing, but many businesses are looking to re-open after many months of lockdown (yay!).

It’s bound to be a busy month, but don’t forget about your social media! Take the time to schedule in your posts, and include some of these just-for-fun and awareness days that are most relevant. Not only does it help add a variety of content to your posts, but they’re often great ways of engaging with your audience (with sometimes the added bonus of additional reach with trending topics!).

Check out what’s happening this April and start planning your social media calendar!

Key Dates for Social Media – April 2021

1st – April Fools’ Day – Don’t get caught out on all the pranks and jokes being put on social media today! But at the same time, this is a great day to pull your own light-hearted prank. Beware though! Make sure it is light-hearted and brings a good laugh rather than anything controversial.

2nd – Good Friday – This Christian holiday falls on the Friday before Easter. It is a bank holiday and the start of a long weekend in the UK. Taking some well-deserved time off? Be sure to let your customers know of your hours.

2nd – World Autism Awareness Day – The 2nd also marks World Autism Awareness day, which aims to raise awareness on autistic spectrum disorders, to end stigma and educate. The National Autistic Society has some great ways you get involved and learn more.

4th – Easter – Happy Easter! Enjoy some chocolate (or a lot – we don’t judge, especially on Easter) and enjoy the day!

5th – Easter Monday – It’s another Bank Holiday in the UK. May it be sunny and relaxing!

7th – World Health Day – World Health Day has been recognised since 1950, but this year is deemed one of the most important ones ever since Covid-19 highlighted the extreme differences in health services around the world. This year’s theme to build a “fairer, healthier world” and tackle health inequalities.

10th – Siblings Day – A day to honour that bond between brothers and sisters – there’s nothing else like it. You can mark the day by simply picking up the phone for a catch up with your sibling(s), having a Zoom call, or even giving them a shout out on social media.

11th – Pet Day – Today is all about our pets, although for a lot of us, that is every day! Pets really do bring a special joy to our lives, whether they be furry, feathered or scaled. If you have pets, why not share a picture, or encourage your audience to do the same?

20th – Volunteer Recognition Day – There are so many people out there who have been giving up their time to help with various efforts, especially this past year. Whether it’s wellness checks on others during lockdown, working tirelessly with the vaccine rollout, answering phones to those who need someone to talk to and a whole lot more, our volunteers have been tremendous to say the least. This day is yet another day we should be celebrating them and their incredible work.

22nd – Earth Day – Earth Day is all about awareness of protecting our environment and the issues that are affecting it. This year’s theme of Restore Our Earth aims to tackle climate change and small actions we can take now for future generations. The Earth Day website gives 51 actions to take now to make a difference.

23rd – St. George’s Day – The Feast of St. George, patron Saint of England, is today! Time to celebrate all things English (starting with a Full English Breakfast, we think!) 😉

28th – Superhero Day – Superhero Day isn’t just about the ones we see on TV, but our everyday heroes, and WOW! We really do have so many among us! It’s definitely true that not heroes wear capes. Thank yours today!

29th – International Dance Day – Put on your favourite tunes and have a wiggle – It’s International Dance Day! Today promotes the art of dance and the prominent role it has had in culture and history. What song can you not help but dance to?

The month of April is also Stress Awareness Month and Autism Awareness Month.

Revamp Your Social Media This Spring!

As spring is the time for new beginnings, why not take this time to renew your social media strategy or get a refresher on the latest social media trends and best practices? Talk to us about out bespoke social media training or social media consulting and how we can work together with your business!


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