Christmas Campaigns Challenge!

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Having all of your Christmas sales planning done and dusted in September so you can actually have less stress and enjoy the holiday season ahead?

Yes, it CAN be done!

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Christmas is coming (alongside some other very important dates)! And NOW is certainly the time for any in retail specifically to be planning for it!

The Digital Flamingo Christmas Campaigns Challenge will help what makes normally a stressful time of year for retailers to be a lot more organized and create the promotional content that your audience wants to see. It puts you in front of people looking to buy and to compete with others.


Are you ready for the challenge?

Join us for 5 days of tasks and discussion designed to help you get on track and plan these busy months now. We break it down and make it easier.

We can't wait to get talking about all things CHRISTMAS SALES! So don’t miss out – join the challenge today over on our exclusive Facebook group here.

First round starts Monday, 13th September.

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Here's what to expect:

  • Determining key dates - and it’s more than just Christmas!

  • Picking our promotions.

  • Design, design, design - not as scary as it sounds for us non-designers.

  • Scheduling – Getting the right message across at the right times.

  • Beyond the promotions - there’s more to social media than selling.

Each day we’ll post a video introduction to the task and checklist with all the information you need to get started. We will also be around to answer any questions in our group, give feedback or for a general chat about social media marketing.

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Why is it important?

Each year, we say "Online shopping will be bigger than ever!" Well, if 2020/21 has showed us anything, it’s that this will certainly be the case in a big way!

It has never been more important for businesses to have that digital presence, to not only put themselves in front of potential buyers and be able to compete, but to help bring in the Christmas spirit in what has been no less than a crazy year (again).

Still need convincing? Check out our blog on why you should be planning your holiday campaigns now here.

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Who is it for?

This challenge is great for product-based businesses, but service-based businesses will also find the content useful for their Christmas promotions.

If you are wanting to get organised with your social media marketing for autumn/winter and are willing to put the work in now to enjoy the season ahead, then this is for you!

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What's required?

Show up and take part! It's totally free to get involved - there are no sign-ups or commitments (other than to your brand and your customers!).

Simply join our Facebook group here by Monday, 13th September to take part in Your Christmas Campaigns Challenge!

See you soon!

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